Lisbon has plenty to see, but if you have some time left, or stay a few more days ... 

there are a few places close to Lisbon that you may want to visit. Some of them have nice beaches, others are very cosy towns, one of them is a must see. They are all within one hour travelling distance from the venue.

The links associated with the legend, give more information about the places, about how to reach them from Lisbon, and show pictures of each of them.

QUELUZ - the palace

The palace was commissioned in 1747 but was only finished in 1760. 

The Palace, has been compared with Versailles because of its façades and French-style gardens.

Nowadays the Palace is the official residence of foreign personalities who are received by the Portuguese State.

It is also used for concerts exhibitions and pageants.

from central Lisbon:   |   carro50 18 min      |   comboio50 20 min |



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National Palace of Queluz


Throne room          Ambassadors room           Music room


Queen's apartment         Lantern room          Tiles room - Mangas corridor


View of the gardens          queluz h200View of the gardens         q5 h200View of the gardens